Monday, April 27, 2009

WMF The Tudor Experience

Let's talk about Brian Tudor. The self proclaimed "best resource of anything that is modern in card magic". Well he is not. He might be able to do some nice looking flourishes, but his magic really isn't that strong. In fact he seems to miss the point that magic should look magical and not like juggling.

But this is not the point. This is about his teaching style, or the lack of it. He cannot teach. If you take a look at the promotion video of a DVD called "Heckler" you can see that the main idea is kinda nice. How to deal with a heckler.

And this also is the main flaw. First a heckler who is as bad as the guy in the video shouldn't be shown any magic. Therefore the whole subtext advise ("do magic even for those guys") is totally wrong. But back to his teaching style. Basically two things happen. First he does the moves and over the video of the moves he says, what he does. But his audio is recorded not on the spot, but way later, making the explanations off sync with the action. That makes it very hard to follow. Second, he reads off written words, very fast (because the moves are fast I think) and he mumbles all the way. And of course the instructions given are not clear at all.

Combine all of these and you got the Tudor Experience, making him WMF. 

Contains naughty words!

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