Thursday, April 9, 2009

About his magic!

Steven Youell want's me to put down the picture of his. It is copyrighted and outdated. So HERE is just the link that I got it from.

Steven Youell doesn't wish that I link directly to his videos on his site. I respect that. So here is just the link to his web page that links to the video. 

And I must say, not bad. But as google member "b d erland" points out is screams move. It is not really visible yes, but sure as heck detectable.

I think that the point of a card technique that should not be detected is not to make it invisible, but to create an atmosphere that allows to do the move without fear of it being detected. If people do not burn your hands you can do a relaxed palm.

To me it seems that Mr. Youell puts his "magic thinking" into the wrong direction. Every move is completely invisible if nobody looks.

But then again the main critique on Mr. Youell is not about his magic, but about his behaviour, which is not tolerable. He is mean spirited and unable to deal with constructive criticism. Making once more obvious why he is our first Weekly Magic Failure.


The Smiling Mule said...

Couldn't agree more regarding sleight of hand technique. Spot on.

Of course, real students of Erdnase have known this for a long time and appreciate this fundamental flaw exhibited by people such as Youell, Ackerman and (dare I say it) Wesley James.

Roland said...

Oh my, you said Wesley James... Don't get me started on that. But his beard is cool. Too bad that "shtick" belongs to Eugene Burger.