Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gospel Magic

One of the most creepy sections of magic is gospel magic. The messages are always so in your face and obvious, that it seems that no effort is made to incorporate it into the magic. I can do that too.

"There are many religions in the world. And of course we look for the right one. Because there can only be one. Here I got some cards, each card representing a religion. We got Christianity, the Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism and lots more 'isms'. I am going to mix the cards face down and I want you to pick just one card. As if you had to choose a religion."

The cards (10 or so) are shuffled, but the Christianity card is controlled through out the shuffling. I suggest jumbo cards to show that you really mean business as you deliver your message.
Next, force the Christianity card but leave it face down.

"You picked this one. If YOU had to pick, your chances would be 1 in 10, but if you trust in God, our Lord, he will have picked one for you. And he will always pick the right one."

Turn over the card and show the cross on the card. (be sure not to have the card upside down)

"Although God doesn't reveal himself to us directly, the outcome of this is a clear sign of divinity at this very moment, at this very place. Praise the Lord, for he is among us."

Damn that is so easy...

And as a bonus this video:

Danny Ray, stealing Paul Gertner's Cups and Balls routine exactly. Wasn't there a line in the Bible about stealing. ;)

And if the punchline is "bearing much fruit" isn't fruit as a final load much better. Just thinking. But maybe I should start believing, less painful that way.

EDIT: I got a message from Danny Ray, according to him he has the rights to do this routine. I believe him. After all he is a Christian, and lying is bad. But that doesn't make the routine any better.

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