Sunday, October 19, 2014

You almost got me Brian Happie Foshee!

 Almost, but I don't fall for it. No way!

Brian has this cute little Kickstarter project. A busking table that is the ULTIMATE close-up and busking table, case, and stand. For a second I though he was being serious with this ugly, ugly piece of homemade prop slapped together with moderate skill, modified from a hardware store purchase. But then I read the description and it became obvious that this is an elaborate hoax on the magic community.

He writes: "I have found 3 kinds of tables and cases available on the market." Oh, I'm interested. What is the first kind of table: "#1: Unprofessional: Homemade with moderate skill, modified from a hardware store purchase, or the worst... a case for poker chips that has been dumped out.... ugg. Aren't you charging hundreds per hour? Do you really want to walk into that wedding, corporate gig, or even bar-mitzva with a case that a 13 year old says, 'Hey, I have one of those at home!'"

It gets better the third kind of table shows the utter brilliance of the scheme. "#3: Fantastic (looking). Yeah it's got a ton of fancy containers that pop out when you open it... then what? You can't carry it table to table and open it for all to see the contents! Where do you put it... on the ground? What do you perform on?" Great, he really suggests to table hop with a table. Carrying a table as you do serious table hopping is the greatest way to come across as totally unprofessional or at least not having done any table hopping at all.

So his solution solves all of it. You can carry his table from table to table. You can get to your props, as you get rid of some props first, which allows you to open the case, then place the previous props in first, taking out the next, then closing the case and continuing. This wouldn't totally destroy your pacing.

Of course it would and Brian know this. And he has decided to play a trick on all of us but even asking for 10.000 dollars. And his goal has been met.

Brian you are a genius. I applaud you! But I ain't falling for that. I gots the brains and I can sees it comin' from a mile away!

Btw: I have used two types of busking tables. This first one has an X base. You can see on the bottom right of the picture. The table stands really solid, the wind won't blow it away. But you have plenty of space to work with. And you can strap the top to your back and the base you can fold and carry like a grocery bag. It was quite practical.
The other type is the one I use right now. The base is three legs crossing in the middle so it is almost like a tripod. On top rests the foldable plate, which is secured to the legs with magnets. It has a servante which serves the openly displayed purpose of holding props. So the secret nature of possibly ditching props gets obscured.

As for holding props you can clearly see that in each case I wear bags. I always have my props with me. It's my bread and butter. No way I would leave my props in a case.

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Michael Jay said...

"Nail two things together that have never been nailed together before and some schmuck will buy it." -George Carlin-