Friday, October 17, 2014

Unsocial Interaction 101

I visited a magic club last night. It was a sad, sad experience. A member drove me there and I sat down. Other members arrived. And talking started. No magic. Just talking about all sorts of things dealing with the club itself. I was okay with that. During that talking a magician arrived that I knew. I nodded towards him and he sat next to me.

Further talking and still no magic.

After half an hour of me being silent and just drinking beer I leaned towards the magician I knew. I asked him when the magic starts. He told me that it is his first time here. I said it was my first time here at the club too. Then more talking and so on.

After an hour or so I got vocal, I couldn't bear it much longer. "I know I'm a guest, but when does the magic part of the magic club start?"

This led to a rather fruitless and poor discussion of the TT.

Oh well. Some had to go. Only 5 members were left. That new guy, the one who drove me, a young card obsessed magician, a senior member and me. It was then that we slowly got into some magic talking. It was about card magic but it was good.

As everyone got up to leave I asked the new magician if anyone had even asked him his name. He smiled at me and shook his head. So this new magician, that nobody knows of comes to the club and nobody even acknowledged his existence. Seems to be a common theme in magic. We both had a laugh at this social train wreck, but seriously this must not be.


Marplots said...

The sad truth is that magic is boring. Learning magic isn't. Performing magic isn't. But magic is.

Rick Christopher said...

Count your blessings, at least there was beer!