Saturday, June 7, 2014

Episode 11 "Razor's Edge"

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armin peter said...

I overly agree with your view on this product and its major flaws in teaching and performances. I was kinda disappointed with the product from those points.
But i think, the effect in itself is pretty awesome...I like the russian roulette trick better, but that one needs a special setting, with table, props, preparation and so on...cant be done walkaround.

The Razorbladeeffect can be done anytime anywhere, takes only a minimal pocketspace, and can include multiple spectators. Those are awesome improvements.

The DVD wasnt a finished product imo. And i didnt like any of the presentations. I would rather come out with the bundle in my hand, and flash the Razorblade partially to the spectators, while my fingers cover the dirty they know its there...
I agree its best to use a dull blade, and it works well with small leatherstrings.
You see with some thought, you can make this trick a real gem. In the end, i am realy glad with it.

By the way, Roland, diese einseitigen Messer gibt es auch in Deutschland...allerdings sind es keine Rasiermesser, sondern die findest Du z.B. in billigen Einweg - Teppichmessern und Einweg-Kartoncuttern.