Thursday, June 26, 2014

Craig Petty... again!

Why can't a month go by without a fucking screw up by Craig Petty.
RED was a dangerous move. But this is stepping right into the hypocrisy.

As you may know Craig Petty is part of a group called "Slightly Unusual - The Comedy Illusionists".
I fail to understand the unusual aspect of the groups work, but it's a name that creates interest. I'm not judging.

The group has found a way to make money. By exposing magic to laypeople. Craig Petty is an outspoken opponent of exposure of magic secrets so this seems like an odd move.

Of course they don't expose it for the sake of exposing it. They hide the fact a bit and call it "team building". Basically they sell the members of a company magic secrets and disguise it as a team building exercise.

You can't polish a turd, it's still a pig... or however the saying goes.


Marplots said...

As much as I enjoy ripping on Craig Petty, the real and enduring tragedy isn't exposure, or theft - it's that he's not entertaining. Even if he repairs all his sins to the magic community, if he can't be even a marginal performer, he'll always be a curse on magic.

Mike King said...

I feel sorry for Craig now, circumstances have pushed him into the public view with WPR but he lacks common sense and so anything that anyone else under scrutiny wouldn't do, just doesn't ring any alarm bells with him.

Daft as a brush but still quite likeable.

Double Deal said...

Oh we are back on Petty things again? He's lost all dignity and pride and has resorted to grovelling for a paycheck on WMS weekly reviews to keep his fat wife fed and provide for his ratty child. Can you blame him? He has no other skills. LMFAO!
Guess he could join up and ride the trash wagon with the rest of his high school drop out buddies.

Center Deal said...

Team building skills?

What a fucking joke.

The Masked Magician of Human Resources. Give him a fucking horse laxative and tell him to do a headstand in the nude. Fucking weakling. Just cashing a paycheck through the exposure of effects. Why even bother with the art anymore. It's done. It's finished.

And as for those pseudo-team building skills, lets see how much these fucking idiots are team players when it is time for a promotion, or time for a layoff.

Double Deal said...

Lets give Petty some credit here - It's called any phucking way to make a quick buck. The asshole would sell his own mother if he could. Do you think the tosser gives a rat's ass about team building?