Saturday, May 3, 2014

Remember Mentalism Peyman?

Of course you do, being a faithful reader and such. If not, let me get you up to date:

Mentalism Peyman is a self proclaimed mentalist and illusionist, selling tricks and ripping off copyrighted material. Just follow the link and see the wonderful videos that back up my point.

I almost forgot about him, until I got a newsletter by a German magic dealer who advertises a product that features said wannabe performer with the charismatic aura and confused look of a guinea pig that has been thrown against a brick wall.

It's a levitation called Power Levitiation 1. And as expected it looks like shit, but that is just my personal opinion. But see for yourself! This is official demo video:

Think about it! This gem in levitation system costs more than 2000 dollars, but they cannot invest in a proper video? Hell, even HD? This gives you a little bit of a clue how much the costumer is valued. And btw. It looks hella uncomfortable for the person levitating. If I would be bending backwards like that I would be in pain. This version is even worse:

It always feels like magic is used for even less than base motifs.


Fred Zimmerman said...

It's the Dancing Cane of levitations.

Marplots said...


Thankfully, as technology advances we'll be able to do these with IT instead.

anon said...

Didn't invest in a good video? Hell, didn't even invest in a SHIRT!

thomas moore said...

....and the gimmick is clearly visible in the second video

Illusions By Vick said...

Some many things are terrible with that I can't even name them all

William Blackarrow said...

I seriously don't know why would someone try to pretend to be a mentalist or have a superpower on such a hard stuff like levitation.. like this Mr. Peyman. I think it's a lot more impressive some simple yet effective mentalism tricks. It would be more convincing.