Tuesday, May 27, 2014


What is up with those trailers nowadays?

The music is way too much. Explain yourself!


Marplots said...

Is that guy wearing eye liner?

Michael Jay said...

His eyebrows are also painted on.

Justin said...

My thoughts exactly:


A Devil In Me said...

Surely it's got to be a parody?

Bizzaro. said...

Hey you wankers lay off my lustbrows.

While I do agree it's a bit over the top for what the effect is, my friend brought up a point of how he liked it as a "merging of the brands".

T11 does stuff like this for ALL of their trailers. It's their "thing". However if you look past the production value you might see the value of the effect. (Or you might not. I am amazed at the very polar divide over the perception of this effect.)

Marplots said...

I probably shouldn't criticize someone's lifestyle choices. If gender ambiguity works for you, I say "Go for it!"

What was the effect again? Oh yeah, the "royal road to diabetes."

The objections probably center around food products and mouth tricks. I never had any commercial success with my "animated spit" trick either, although, frankly, I think finding a selected card with mucus was genius. I guess the magic fraternity just wasn't ready for it. No vision in that crowd.

Bizzaro. said...

If you had just put on some make-up and had a serious demo I bet people would be animating your spit all over the world by now.