Sunday, March 23, 2014


So just in case you see this and don't get it:

Gamblers cop the missing Three of Club and then add them to the four other cards you showed to your audience. So it is on the bottom. An indifferent card is dealt by the spectator on the magicians hand. Then a bottom as the whole thing is wrist killed.

Then another bottom and the indifferent card is lost in the pack. Then the whole thing is repeated shouting SWITCH instead of magic.


"The intricacies of deception can only be fully appreciated through exposure."

Aside from that. Is that thing worth an entire 7 dollar download? If so, I got a nifty little trick that uses just one double lift. It's about a lie and a snitch. It uses a joker and has a nice two step reveal and a twist and a kicker. I think you can get more out of my routine, than this piece of lame shit that Madison decided to rehash. If I remember that thing has been out in 2010 already.


TzeYang said...

"It's not about you, it's about me"

What a waste of patter...

The trick probably works so much better if it's turned the other way round.

Hugh Jarce said...

ah the chops of the card cheating expert Daniel Madison.

Even with the camera placed at exactly the right position and the mother of all neck-ties we could see what was going on.

the only way he could have looked like a bigger twat was if he wore those ridiculous sunglasses he owns.

Michiel Tummers said...

such a bad trick in so many ways.
"heritage" lol :')

Anonymous said...

DM uses that GC too much, in 85% of his effects it seems to be used. I like the move a whole lot, don't get me wrong, I've used it plenty, but not as much as this guy. In the video it's clear that's what he is doing because his left hand is virtually dead until he loads the other cards on top.

One thing I will say is that his Rounder playing cards are top notch, love'em.

Mikey A. said...

i had the same reaction when i first saw this.

Center Deal said...

Well, when you take into consideration the environment, as well as his patter and technique, the gambler's cop....

Oh FUCK IT. Who gives a shit. Tattoos, tattoos, all I fucking can see are TATTOOS....Tatted up, ink stained skin!

Having said that, try doing this try with a drunk at a bar. See how well it goes over.

princeofpersia said...

Again. this is the second time you criticize Daniel Madison as a person, using his tricks as an excuse. You really are all envious of his success arent'you?Seriously...his tatoos, his sunglasses?

You're just ridiculous. you keep saying you figured this trick out the first time you saw it (proving once again that you can't understand that his magic tricks are more about the presentation, not about the method) you're magicians, you're supposed to understand most of the tricks you see - but maybe you're not so good, so when you figure one trick out it's a big event.

The entire purpose of this blog is to throw shit on other people who never did anithing wrong to you. You clearly are a bunch of frustrated people that have nothing better to do, and I don't even spend time pointing out the good points of this effect, and the potential behind it.

Now ,with your permission, I'm gonna go to the Ellusionist site and buy one of your original tricks. Oh wait! I can't. There are no tricks of yours. What a shame..I wonder why. There's plenty of Daniel Madison's ricks instead. Such a strange thing don't you think?

Krab said...

You know Prince, if you really do have the dagger of time then you can use the name, not every magicians sell their original effects. Some magicians never publish their original effects. Some use them for decades before they put them out to the magical community. They make effects to preform to the lay audience and not something they can sell to other magicians.

Also working magicians, well good ones at least, do not buy other magician's presentation. They like to use you know their own style. Their own scripting.

Now with your permission i'm going to go to your website and buy two tickets to see a show in your theater. Oh that's right there is none. What a shame. I wonder why. There are plenty of shows at Roland's place. Such a strange thing don't you think?

Hugh Jarce said...

Is the prince really suggesting that having a download on Ellusionist is a measure of how much success you have achieved?

Someone should tell Gary Plants. Yeah sure some of the world's most revered card manipulation experts are raving about it, but does he flog it for a 10 note to Ellusionist's audience (children and adults who don't own magic literature)?

The chump.

anon said...

On that measure old Derren Brown doesn't really stack up either. Only got that temporary touring show, no plastic gimmicks for sale on Penguin...! :)