Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wrapping Up Peter Loughran Week

What a week it was. We got to see a whole bunch of products that are flawed from the start. The reason I chose products that Peter Loughran makes and sells should be obvious. But sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out.

There are several ways to create magic. But before every completion of a creative process there is the "hit or miss" issue. Sometimes a creative idea hits a dead end and would be perfect in a different universe. It fails. It can fail for many reasons. The effect could be difficult to understand. The method could be unreliable. The underlying principle could be not deceptive. The idea could be unoriginal and been thought of before, thereby making any claims of intellectual ownership futile. The intuitive solution has not been taken care of by "cancelling of methods". The intuitive solution is the actual solution.

The products I featured over the week are a mix of all of the above. They simply have not gone through a rigorous filtering system of a "friends and family alpha". Or at least not enough.

I don't know what it is exactly. Maybe everybody is way too nice towards Peter Loughran sugar coating any criticism, if at all.

Everyone who is working in some sort of creative industry needs feedback. Honest feedback. Because eventually we come up with a great idea. A really great idea. And it turns out, that it is shit. But the creator didn't see it as he was too in love with his little creation to see.

I have created my share of magic. But I tend to create routines for other magicians. Thereby having a specific goal. I try to take the essence of their personality and tailor it to the routine, by choosing the right prop, the right premise and the right plot.

I can imagine, that if you are creating a general product and you have to leave out character and premise and all of that, you tend to end up with a very generic product. So it is difficult to stand out.

In that regard Peter's products stand out. They have a unique bulky look with lots of aluminium framing.

But I maybe all wrong. After all my filter could be broken as well. So I'm calling you out. Everyone who has ever bought a product of Peter Loughran. Tell me about it! Tell me, if it is reliable! I suppose they are. Tell me, if it gets you the desired reactions you have hoped for! I really want to know. Use the comment section, shoot me an email or write about it on Facebook.


Bizzaro. said...

I have met Peter in person. We had a nice conversation at the Tenyo Elite booth. I have also had my grievances with his products.

I remember one called "Black Hole" or some such. Everything said online made it sound like it wasn't what everyone thought it was. Turns out it was exactly what they thought.

I eventually gave the gaffs to a friend because they were fairly useless to me and the video was pretty damned misleading.

I have always said that just because i don't like someone's tricks doesn't mean I don't like them as a person.

terran said...

hey Roland, why did the weekly magic became private? that was my favorite blog on the internet.
I learnt so much from it.

Roland Henning said...

Yes I decided to discontinue the Weekly Magic Blog in it's current format. I decided not to make it public anymore. No more free stuff from me. But if you shoot me an email I can open up the blog for you. Which contains much more now that I decided merge two blogs together. So the Super Secret Magic Blog has more than 600 items going.... And counting!