Sunday, November 10, 2013

Peter Loughran Week: Thumb Twister

I was honestly surprised to find an instant download among the products of the master of illusions. Also no video? So this has to be the sort of trick that you can do instantly as soon as you see a demo video!

Let's quote what's happening from the website:
"The Thumb Twister effect is simple, the performer will snap his thumb backwards with it trapped between the knuckles of his other hand's fingers, apparently breaking it from it's joint, and then proceed to twist the thumb 360 degrees in full circle and then back again, gaining you freakish reactions!" 

Wow that sure sounds original.
"Do not confuse these with finger illusions of old, these are completely original illusions designed by Peter Loughran"
Maybe I'm wrong. Well maybe the video quality will be HD and it will be taught by someone who's able to teach.
"The video is far from a Hollywood production, however it will provide you time with Peter himself in a humble, up-close and personal setting, doing what he does best, and that's teaching original new magic."
Damn it I'm wrong again. But at least we get the usual over the top, trying to be charismatic posing of Peter right?
"Filmed in Peter's product warehouse, you'll get to see another side of Peter with his off beat humour and will enjoy the entertainment value of the video as much as the illusions themselves."
This is not my day obviously! I should get this. Or a copy of Magic for Dummies, changing the stretching the thumb routine taught therein to accomplish the outlined magic trick by Peter Loughran. In fact buying the book would get me even more magic. In Peter's Thumb Twister you'll only get one trick!
"In addition Peter will also explain and perform 2 other amazing visual finger illusions that he has created including the hilarious Severed Finger of Death, where the performer will sever his finger in full view!"
Gee what a bargain!


Marplots said...

Buy it! Buy it!
You know you want to...

The Smiling Mule said...

I thought this was in pretty bad taste:

As far as I can see, the comments on this blog are confined to reasoned attacks on the products. Not baseless attacks on the man.

Hugh Jarce said...

And now for my next trick.... look i've got your nose....

Hugh Jarce said...

just read the thread the mule posted. I'm sorry to hear the guy's in poor health, but this quote for me summed up the magician's boys club and the tragic cafe in general.

'I am also not surprised Russell is the one who brings this topic up (he too has always been attacking me on this forum). I'm gonna ask my best friend Steve Brooks if he will just finally remove him from here since his agenda hasnt changed.'

Damn right Peter. Why have a conversation with someone when you can just have them censored?

The Smiling Mule said...

"Why have a conversation with someone when you can just have them censored?"

Or declare yourself immune from criticism because you've had some bad luck health-wise.

I know it sounds harsh, but it's the principle that matters. I think it's pretty shitty for him to bring it up in response to Roland's criticism.

Reduced to basics, it's the old and pathetic "my mum's dead" when someone has just done you over good with a "your mum" joke.

Its sole purpose is to shut the other person up through guilt.

Were I ever unfortunate enough to come down with such ill health (and the chances are pretty high, let's face it), I certainly hope people do not see it as a reason to stop being honest with me.