Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peter Loughran Week: Splattered

Let's start lightly. Splattered is The Master of Illusions's take on the classic Square Circle. I don't get how the Square Circle is still around. Wait cut that. I know why it is still around, but it shouldn't be.

So what makes Peter's version different from any other Square Circle on the market.


On the website he says:
Some notable improvements over the cheaper existing models on the market:

  • Proper material used on the inner tube for maximum decpetiveness
  • Themed art to allow proper story telling for today's modern performer
  • More deceptive than cheaper models that no window grill is needed, making it much more magical to the audience giving them a clear view inside at all times
  • A beautiful felted base that elevates the prop so the audience always has clear view under the prop(an important detail often missed with other models, because without this, the audience often thinks there is just a hole in the magician's table that the items come from.
  • Tricked out in polished aluminum, for not only cosmetic reasons, but also to protect the corners and edges of the prop, so it becomes practically indestructable
  • Beautifully built and light weight compared to the cheaper models, no detail was missed.
  • Each one is numbered for authenticity

I've seen many versions over the years. Even some good looking ones. This is not among them. Take a look at the picture. is my sense of taste really that far off? So the "Themed art to allow proper story telling" part of the ad is really confusing then. The design of the Square Circle really only allows one type of story. And not even a new one per se.

No window grill, so the audience has a clear view of the inside? Really? There is nothing to see except suspicious blackness. I don't think that is an issue.

And having each one numbered for authenticity? As if there will be a giant rip off period of this particular design. And how is having them numbered and improvement over cheaper existing models on the market?

And here we get to the heart of it. "Cheaper existing models"! This little retard baby costs 275 dollars. I'm not kidding. So you pay a quarter of a grand to pull out a bunch of pieces of silk worth about 20 bucks.

Are you familiar with the various tube productions? There are cheaper and more deceptive methods out there. I have to admit that in terms of amount of production items nothing quite beats the square circle, however with every spring flower you also pull out parts of your dignity as a performer.

Tomorrow: Stabbed


terran said...

what happened to burnaby kid's blog? it seems he removed it again.

Roland Henning said...

Shit happened, Andrew has his reasons. And they don't let the magic community look pretty. Sad, but he won't be coming back. And that is all I say.

The Smiling Mule said...

Shit, who accused him of kiddy-fiddlig this time?