Sunday, July 7, 2013

The gig from hell

So I had this wonderfully aweful show the other day. Table hopping. Nothing bad about that, except for the fact that the worst DJ I've ever seen was there. He was completly ignoring the fact that I was working the tables and turned up the music really load and did his "entertaining" bits in between the music. So I really had no chance of talking at all. I had to rely entirly on gestures to communicate with my audience.

And there I saw what effects really need patter and what doesn't need patter. What parts need to be slow and what parts need to be fast.

Interesting experience. Made me rethink my entire table hopping repertoire. Made me appreciate the moments when the audience lhas the freedom to listen.

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Marco Lippolis said...

Has the DJ still got all those teeth you see in the photo?