Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear manufacturers of Copper and Silver gimmicks

Stop doing that! Copper and silver coins looks too much alike. The constrast simply isn't great unless you perform in daylight.

A slightly yellowish light (as it is common in the places where I perform... that is indoors) will make both looks the same.

Instead go for a really shiny coin and a really dark coin.


Matthew Majere said...

I kept running into this as well. That us why I like digital dissolve. I like to get the fifty cent coin signed or marked in some way. When the change happens they can tell right away.

Michael Jay said...

Take your silver/copper gaffe and stick it in the ground outside of your house. Let it sit out there for one month. After the month is over, pull it out and it will be dark on both sides. Polish the silver side.


Jadoo said...

I am going to tip an extremely inexpensive, fast, controllable way to give all your brass and copper a nice ancient looking patina.
Use Palmolive "Original" dish soap. It must be the "Original". The "Original" version contains Sulphur.
Soak your metals in a solution of Palmolive with some water until it turns the color patina you like.
Depending on the metal and how dark you want to make it, it can take a few seconds to a few hours.

Jim McGowan said...

I get all copper/silver coins from TWOCAN on The Magic Café. He makes them exactly as you mentioned - real silver coins polished bright and very dark King George or Queen Victoria English pennies. Great contrast.


Michael Jay said...

TWOCAN? Isn't that the spokesbird for a presweetened breakfast cereal? I didn't know that he was into gaffed coins...