Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So Jay Sankey's Facebook account got hacked

I can't explain it otherwise. Jay Sankey posts a few post linking to a YouTube user that is known for exposing magic and all. Jay is certainly not linking to the exposer videos, but to a performance video and tells everyone how inspiring it is. He also links to a clothing store in which said YouTuber sells some of his magic themed T-shirts.

Some Facebook users then rightfully complain to Jay what the hell is going on. How can Jay affiliate with a man that destroys the craft that Jay obviously loves?

What happens to those comments? Well they get deleted along with the initial post.

WTF Jay? Are you unable to man up and admit you are either wrong or if you have a compelling reason to post this at least share your thoughts on why?

Or do these post get deleted because of a shit storm that might tarnish your public image? Honestly I think it would do you better in the long run to allow a discussion and to admit failure. I remember years ago when you wrote a long open letter explaining why you don't work with penguin magic anymore. That was good. That felt honest. Now you work with them again... why?

This deletion of the posts doesn't serve the aim of being honest. It makes you feel like a unethical businessman who will do everything to have his public image be clean.

It's not just Facebook. Twitter is the same.

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David said...

Sankey openly exposes on YouTube. I think he’s just become all about the money and how many hits he can get on his YouTube channel and on his website. He’s a once creative magician turned into a magic peddler , sell, sell, sell . He exposes his own stuff (can't really argue with that , ethically, I suppose ... sad , but if he wants to give away his stuff , whatever ... ) but he also exposes Classic magic , like Flip's "flipstick" move .

Those two examples are just tip of the iceberg .