Thursday, June 27, 2013

When bloated ego meets ghastly skill

No need to add anything to that!

The fact that you probably don't understand what he is talking makes it even more hilarious, so you can marvel at the attempt of appearing like one of the grown ups.


John Newlon said...

This is total diarrhea of the mouth!!!!!

Trickster said...

And keeps that rope in a death grip the entire time LOL

Jered Schaugaard said...

Hmm...that was difficult to watch.

Tobelli said...

Why the hate?

The kid obviously worked a lot. He enjoys doing magic. He worked on his patter, style (dressed nicely) and skills.

I really don't understand your need of criticizing him.
Are you, and have you always been a "perfect" magician with perfect skills, patter, misdirection and showmanship?
I don't think so!

Roland Henning said...

Of course not, but I wasn't so dumb to post that shit on Youtube for everybody to see.

However, I have my share of bad videos out there. If you find one you are invited to openly make fun of it as well. If they are out there out.

Tobelli said...

Youself admited that you were the same. So what right have you to rant, to judge him.
He is obviously not aware of his "mistakes".

Just because you give me the right to criticize your videos, that does not mean that you have the right to make fun of some kid's performance.

Roland Henning said...

Well there we have it. Opening myself up to public opinion does give me the right to judge others who also open themselves up for the public. That is exactly my point.

Michael Jay said...

And you have no right to tell Roland what he has (and doesn't have) a right to publish and/or say.

Rights are kinda funny, ain't they? We all seem to think that our rights are greater than everyone else's when, in reality, nobody has more rights than anyone else.

We also have a right to judge anyone that we please. If a guy who can't carry a tune picks up a musical instrument that he's never played before and starts to regale me with terrible noise, I have the right to criticize his performance even though I'm not musical in the least. I know noise when I hear it. Such brazen garbage would not be tolerated in any other art form, but in magic we seem to think that any plonker should be allowed to show any crap magic without anyone criticizing...And then we wonder why magicians aren't taken seriously.

Personally, Tobelli, I don't think that you have the right to be such an idiot. But, you do.

Tobelli said...

I prefer to speak in a polite way, therefore I thank you very much indeed for calling me an idiot.

Back to the actual topic:
I never said that Roland HAS to do anyhting, or who had what right. I merely wanted to state my OPINION, which was that I did not understand the need for laughing at a kid that is obviously very passionate about his magic.
I wanted to say that I find it much better to tell the kid the "mistakes" he did (if you really think you know better) rather than ranting about his performance.

Also I do not believe that your analogy fits. First of all you might criticize the musician but you would'nt laugh at him. Secondly if you don't like the video why watch it.

Also this discussion has nothing to do with rights. In an islamic state you might have the right to rape, torture and kill your wife. Yet I'd say that such behaviour is most likely morally wrong.

Therefore I say that a constructive critique is better suited than a none-sense rant.

Michael Jay said...

I'd try to explain fallacious arguments to you, but I'd really rather just say, "I see you're practicing your right to be an idiot, again."

Tobelli said...

The mountain does not laugh at the river because it is lonley, nor does the river speak ill of the mountain because it cannot move.