Saturday, June 8, 2013

4 Cords

So I saw this music video on YouTube. The 4 Cord Song by the Axis of Awesome. Basically the song is about the basis behind a lot of popular pop songs. And naturally I saw great little similarities to magic. Basically if we master our 4 cords there is so much we can do. So it should be crucial to learn the 4 cords. Sleight of Hand, Presentation, History and Business. If you can do those, your success in magic is sure.


Magnus Asbjorn said...

Wouldn't the four chord of magic be the four most used slights in the whole of magic?

Babson Task said...

I believe the for most used slights in magic are:

1 You're fat.
2 Your patter stinks.
3 You aren't important enough to have been slighted by HL.
4 Your sleights are terrible.

Matthew Majere said...

So you don't like fat magicians?

The Smiling Mule said...

I see this as more of a piss-take of how mind numbingly generic modern commercial music has become, rather than "look what you can do with just these 4 chords..."

So yeah, applied to magic you gotta go with

1. Talk to people like they are children/retards
2. Include as many pointless "kickers" as possible
3. Use ridiculous long winded "presentation" to cover the fact that your trick has no coherent plot whatsoever.
4. Strive for cheap laughs at all costs.

Morris Poore said...

It's I have in the past made that very same comparison that there are many song played on the guitar that only use 3 chords, for card effects that same principle can also apply. a good force, a double lift and a good card control you can preform wonders with a pack of cards.