Thursday, June 20, 2013

The French Drop

I do love the French Drop. Not the most convincing of all the moves, yet the first one I learned. So I assume a bit of nostalgia is connected with that age old sleight.

Has it been explored enough? Did you know that you can vanish a stack of coins like that creating a nice click pass? Did you know that if you have a finger palmed coin in the hand that supposedly takes the visible coin you get a switch? Just saying!

If you can only do the French drop, now you have a switch and a click pass too. You don't need to thank me.


Gary Jones Magic said...

I've been using this for a vanish of a stack of coins vanish and a switch for many year Roland. If you do the French Drop with a stack of coins add this, the hand with the concealed coins grabs the wrist of the hand supposedly holding the coins and shake your wrists,the rattling sound of the coins will appear to be coming from the hand they think is holding the coins. The French Drop switch is great for Sankey's Holey Moley, the washer never appears to leave your view ;-)

The Frodocat said...

There was one move that it is mentioned on the Sankey/Skutt sessions that was a clever use of the French drop and a coin in palm I believe. I'm too lazy to find the DVD and verify now but essentially is similar to the finger-palm method you suggested. In this switch (he called it the "Charlier pass" or something) the switch coin is in palm position, and as you French Drop, you take the palmed coin instead. Like a Bobo switch, essentially. I've always liked using that switch.