Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wanna play a game!

I start a game. It's called "Find the thread". All you have to do is to go to the Green Monster. There you need to find the thread outlined here.

Here is the outline, that will lead you to the correct thread via subtle hints.

The thread is about a coin bend.
The thead has been hyping said coin bend before it's out
A video was promised "soon"
The delivery of the promise is still awaiting realisation.
The thead is in the "Latest and Greatest" section.

The winner of the game will get nothing, but dubious fame in the comments.


NathanaelBergenMagic said...

It's none other than the cancer of magic himself, Rasmus:

Roland said...

you win

Roland said...

PS I liked your previous comment a little more ;)

Michiel Tummers said...

lol , tears are coming to my eyes reading that topic(laughing).
And the magicians who are full of hosanna, halleluja without even thinking critical are saddening to watch.

NathanaelBergenMagic said...

I did too - but I didn't want to encourage him further. Go back to that thread, posted one little (smart-ass) comment, and he suddenly starts posting links to when I was saying he ripped off Peter. ... which he did.

He's the reason I despise the magic 'market'.

If you were to go through that thread, there's several people who talk about him sending harassing pm's, etc.
Since you read my first comment - you know my history with him and that. -.-

Michael Jay said...

When was it decided that Rasmus was the cancer of magic? I must just be out of the loop...

NathanaelBergenMagic said...

- When he stole other people's ideas and marketed them as his own.

- When he repeatedly writes people personal messages filled with harassment and vulgarity.

- When he'll publicly post out of context snips of private messages to try and give bad reputations to others.

- When he'll post this:
"would be nice when you tell me the same words to my face directly you poor streetmagician!!! making money? do you really know that? so ask me before you post such a bullshit on youtube you freak!"
On a teenager's youtube channel after said person posts a comment on a third party's video in regards to him copying another magician.

Just go through that thread - it's full of his asinine behaviour, and people openly saying how he wrote unprofessional messages to them continually.

He's gives magic a bad name, and I'm ashamed to be in the same art as him.
You're right - I shouldn't have said 'cancer' ... it's much too kind.


Michael Jay said...

No, I didn't say that you shouldn't say it, I was just wondering why. Now I know. Thank you for the explanation.

Eric said...

This is an interesting example of how negativ talk usually tells as much about the talker then about the receiver ... Found your blog after reading page 20 to 23 of the mentioned thread. Some people - with a name in the magic community - gave him a chance to do better and to me it looks like he did.
BTW: I'm definitely not a fan of him. I'm just unsure what does more harm to magic: guys like him or negative chatter that changes nothing.