Friday, February 1, 2013


I had a show today. A nice one. Some adults, some children. All went well. After the show a few kids came up to me telling me I was the best magicians they have ever seen. I replied, that they probably haven't seen that many magicians. To which the kids said, that they have seen a lot of them. And then they named a few they didn't like. And it was all familiar names of magicians around where I live.

So not only did they remember the bad magicians. They remembered their names and even what they did wrong. One couldn't do any magic, the next one was unpleasant  and the last one smelled funny. Somehow I got to think that adults wouldn't be that honest and I was reminded once again that you should listen to kids.

How was the old proverb again: "Children and fools tell the truth"


Magnus Asbjorn said...

Must be why so many magicians hate performing for kids, that brutal honesty they have.

cirrus said...

Personally, I love performing for kids. They are brutally honest, even during performance. They will not look away if you haven't misdirected them properly, they will burn the hell out of your dirty hand...

if I can perform well for a child, then I have done my job well, if the kid starts looking for the vanished item right after the vanish, then I haven't done my job properly.