Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm good at predictions

So about a year ago the Real Secrets Project was started. I predicted that it was a scam. Turns out to be a scam. Here is a review of what you were getting. Hat tip to the Smiling Mule who finally started blogging again.

But it got me curious what I could do. So I saw the Real Secrets thing and the Bold Project and you know what I came up with something. A "project" of my own. Something that is far less of a beginners trap. In fact no trap at all. And it doesn't cost money.

Here is how it works:

  • It will be open ended.
  • It will be curated by me and by me only.
  • You are encouraged to send in your own tricks and theory, which after review will be published or rejected.
  • There will be no money involved.
  • It will be a PDF.file that will be updated all the time to a more recent version including the old and some new.
  • You can pimp some of your publications by giving me free stuff from it and a big fat link of where to get more will be included.
How you get in and how the project will be called is something that I will make up later.

If you have suggestions or warnings; shoot!


Michael Jay said...

I look forward to it, Roland. I hope that this gets off the ground.

The Frodocat said...

This sounds exciting!

Charlie Pugsley said...

I think that embedded or additional video files would be good (for effects), e.g. building on what Ian Kendle, Michael Close and others have done in the past. I know books are great, but a video run through can show a lot of timing & fine detail.
Just a thought.

anon said...

Count me in Roland - and would be delighted to offer an effect or concept or two for inclusion should it meet the curator's standards.......... cheers PG

TzeYang said...

are you paul gordon?

Barry Solayme said...

I taught you how to do predictions, Roland, and I predict that you will end this venture in a gay marriage with Steve Brooks.

I saw it happen between Weber and Kaufman. Truly horrific.

At any rate, under our agreement, at least twelve of MY effects will be published each month.


Michiel Tummers said...

Only tricks? Or can an indepth look of sleights also be good? I'd love to do an indepth view of the second deal one time or another, if i can find the time..

Bizzaro. said...

Mmm theory...