Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Final Countdown... AND A COMPETITION!!!

Just click on me, folks!


Michael Jay said...

I really enjoy this blog, but at times you come up with garbage like this. I don't get it. I've looked over the "Larry Horayne" blog and it's just a rip off of the old "Magic Circle Jerk" blog. And then there's this Solayme chap...

Sorry, I just don't get it.

Admin said...

The best part is NO-ONE reads his blog and he comments his own articles by using multiple user accounts. LOL.

Justin said...

"I don't get it. I've looked over the "Larry Horayne" blog and it's just a rip off of the old "Magic Circle Jerk" blog."

If by rip-off you mean that he curses a lot and has honest opinions and is quite knowledgeable, then sure. But that's where the, um, similarities end.

The Horayne blog is (very loosely) written in character. Furthermore, it's almost solely dedicated to reviewing magic books.

Broaden your definitions.

Michael Jay said...

Written in character? Kind of like a role playing game? Oh, well, it's mostly about books, so it isn't the Magic Circle Jerk...Nah, it's the same and it could be written by the very same guy. Having read both, I'd not be surprised if it IS the same guy.

Justin said...

1. It's not the same guy.

2. If it was the same guy, how would it be a ripoff?

3. Actually, yes, the Horayne blog is a book review site, with bits of Lorayne-esque editorializing in between. He makes that plain, and it's obvious just by reading the thing.

4. Care to elaborate beyond, "Nah, it's the same"? Cuz right now, that's a pretty weak argument.

In fact, was just reading MCJ this morning. Quite different. But just as good.

Michael Jay said...

I'm not saying that it's the same guy, I'm saying that the style is so damn close that it might as well be the same guy (and therein becomes a rip off). So close, in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same guy (and, well, duh - under that circumstance it wouldn't be a rip off...But, as you point out in #1, it's not the same guy, so it's a rip off).

Further: content, subject and style are different animals. Yes, I know that the content and subject matter are different, but the style of the writers is identical. The way the point is put across, as if to say that if you disagree with the writer you are a fucking moron (particularly when it is 99% opinion), is a direct rip off of the Magic Circle Jerk (and as you adamantly point out, they are two different guys, so it's definitely a rip off).

Understand now? (Or do I need to be even more elementary for you?)

What I didn't know is that MCJ was still around - last I saw of it, the writer closed it down and deleted all material off of the internet (that was, what, 8 years ago?).

Justin said...

Last I checked, MCJ wasn't intentionally writing in a Harry Lorayne style. You do get that that's what the Horayne blog is, right? It's written in character? MCJ was not "in character," or at least did not make that an actual feature of the blog (which Horayne explicitly does). If anything, Horayne is an exaggerated "ripoff" of Harry Lorayne's writing.

If you're saying that the only similarities between MCJ and Horayne are the fact that they both write as if they know everything and we're all "fucking morons," that's a tenuous connection at best. That's like saying Bill Hicks was a ripoff of Lenny Bruce because they both loved dark social commentary. Is Phantom Notebooks ripping off Wesley James because they both talk extensively about Erdnase? Yikes.

That just goes to show that magic is so insular a bubble that a blogger who shares one nebulous trait (holier-than-thou language, apparently) with another, he's deemed a ripoff. Why not look past the superficiality and actually read what Horayne's blog has to say? The term rip off implies a lack of quality, and that's simply not the case here. Horayne is clearly extremely knowledgeable. His reviews are very extensive and substantial and honest. Honest reviews about magic books--go fucking figure.

Justin said...

You're right, MCJ is not still around. That doesn't mean you can't read his stuff.

Barry Solayme said...

I enjoy both, Justin. Even that parvenue, Larry Horayne. What I wanna know is, WHO THE HELL IS MICHAEL FRIGGIN' JAY?

Michael Jay said...

I could ask the same of you, Barry, but to answer your question: Just a reader of this blog, is all.

Unknown said...

Hey Mike, if you don't like it, how about this for a crazy fucking idea...don't read it!

Stick to brown-nosing all your idiot cocksuckers at the magic bunny.

And the blog mocking Lorayne is nothing like the magic circle jerk, aside from the fact they both swear. One is a blog taking the piss out of an old magician, the other is a blog taking the piss out of all magicians.

No need to apologise if you don't understand the humour. Just move along and watch another of the shit awful videos your "bunnies" post in crap competitions no one cares about apart from the 6 people that regularly post there.

Lots of love


Michael Jay said...

So if one pretends to be Lorayne and writes in the style of MCJ, then it's a new animal and creative? No wonder we see 12 guys publishing the same effect (ripped off from the masters of yesteryear) all claiming that it is creatively their own.

Michael Jay said...

I really hope to meet you in real life some day, Mr. Goat. While I'm an atheist, if it ever happens that I get to meet you in real life, I will admit that there is a God.