Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Tale

"What a shitty day! Can't wait for it to be over" said Charlie. It was a typical Tuesday. Typical fall. Leaves blowing in the wind, a storm front passing slowly through the suburbs. The sun has not been seen for days, hiding behind clouds, as if being ashamed of the world, refusing to shine.

Charlie looked away from the window. "Where are you goin'?" his wife asked. "Cigarettes," he replied "we're all out!" As he pulled the door shut he heard her saying something. Pretended not to hear anything.

The hallway to the elevator seemed longer than usual. The elevator doors opened just as he arrived. Standing inside was a small man in a fine black suit that was way too large for him. "Good Day Sir!" Charlie nodded and stood silently next to the little man. "I'm a magician!" the little man said as the elevator doors closed.

The hallway was as short as ever. Through the door of the apartment crying could be heard, if there had been someone to listen.

The elevator doors opened. Charlie had never worn a better fitting suit in his life. Whistling he walked out on the street. The small man pushed the button. In his hand a pack of cigarettes. The doors closed and the elevator went up again.

The hallway was a short as ever.

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