Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I never posted stats. Never saw the reasons to post keywords and all of that. But in the light of recent events here are a few.

800 views per day. That's nothing! About 600 of them are looking at the post about Sathya Sai Baba. That means that only 200 are looking at something else. That's even less then nothing. So whenever you feel I destroyed your life, please note that I did not destroy it, unless of course all the 200 views would lead to 200 individual users, who would care about that particular post or worse agree with me. I'm sort of cynical here.

This is a magic blog. Do you actually know how much of a small role we play in the whole blogosphere? Or how many of all the people actually care about magic?

The keywords (of yesterday) in order are: "weekly magic failure", "sai baba", "magic fail", "piff the magic dragon", "pig face", "val valentino", "modesty", "Snap Illusions" and my personal favorite "stripper costumes for men".

Please note that certain words are NOT in there.

So whoever feels like I destroyed his life... man you had a small life to begin with.


The Smiling Mule said...

Don't buy into the guilt trip Roland. You have done nothing wrong.

Now, if Youell is claiming mental illness as his defense for being a shit magician and also acting like an asshole, then from now on he should be happy to be treated like Glenn Bishop. You know, how people kind of just humor him but don't take him seriously anymore.

After all, the next piece of sage "cardguy" advice he offers may come from exactly the same state of mind that conjured up the whole jerry lukins thing (you remember the kiddie fondling accusations and all?). How is anyone to know the difference?

But no, Youell will back out there posting as an authority again and expecting respect as the titan of card magic that he thinks he is.

You need only look at the comments on the very first post here, where he posts under a different name and compares himself to Larry Jennings et. all. Couldn't make it up.

Marplots said...

I have a confession. I read your blog religiously and also participate at the Green Monster. But I still don't know who Steve Youell is.

Just sayin'

Roland said...

Here is a brief history on that man. He is a magician. He posts a lot on the magic cafe. He was the first WMF and he is a dick. There is no more you need to know.

Trickster said...

Ahhh Glenn Bishop, I remember fondly my run ins with him, even had him contacting other magicians about me LOL Last I heard he was leaving magic after releasing some book on card stuff. I kind of miss him hehehehehe does he still post at the Cafe?

the Minutemen said...

Keep everything up Roland, the magic community needs JUSTICE!

The Smiling Mule said...

Oh dear, just came across this:


Seems he's still at it.