Monday, December 16, 2013

Laymen's truths

Here are a few truths about magic and magicians that you might wanna exploit in your act:

  • Magicians tell each other secrets with oaths of secrecy
  • You practice 8 hours a day
  • You are incredibly fast
  • You pull a rabbit from a hat
  • You steal money and watches
  • You twist balloons
  • Most of what you do is done with misdirection
  • The rest is done with mirrors
  • The hardest trick you do is the best trick you do


herbert said...
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lol totally true especially these :

- You know pickpoketing

- You are incredibly fast more than the eyes can catch

- Most of what you do is done with misdirection mirrors and sleeves

Fred Zimmerman said...

Not to minimize these, but it's true of most professions or walks of life that the general population holds many misconceptions. I work primarily as an actor, and of course, people assume all sorts of things happen, don't happen, etc. I grew up in a police family, and it's amazing what they think the job is REALLY like. Etc. etc. The trick is pun intended) is to use those misconceptions to your advantage, and perhaps leverage their assumptions in a way to fool/amuse/amaze them.