Saturday, December 28, 2013

Getting a Cold Letter


thomas moore said...

D Robins is a fairly well established manufacturer / wholesaler of magic in the US - they've been overtaken by the big asian manufacturers (Sam Dalala etc) in the "cheep chintzy magic" department but their quality is generally better than the asian stuff. Their best known product is the "Tarbell Course in Magic" with the 9 books each a different colour.

I do "cold mailings" precisely because they're so unusual now that it's actually a good way to stand out - it takes half a second to click delete on an email you've not read but with an actual letter people have to open it and spend some time reading it before they throw it away. By including good graphics and some sort of gimmick it's a good way to approach new customers and get them to read your material

HOWEVER D Robins are incredibly out of date and old-school (see the quality of DTP & wordprocessing they use) so i doubt it was a serious attempt to stand out on their part and much more likely just the only marketing method they have.

Roland Henning said...

That explain a lot. in fact that letter had so many typos... man