Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social norm?

Can somebody tell me, why in advertisement for certain magic tricks the creator is often said to be "one of magic greatest thinkers"?

It's eerie.

Also, why do so many magic trailers often show the magician walking lonely down an ally. Are magicians supposed to be loners?


Anonymous said...

"magician walking lonely down an ally"

They are looking through garbage cans to find their next great invention or trick.

Kind Of Magic said...

LOL good one.

The loner thing is getting more common. It makes us look creepy. Now off to go down the alley to find my dinner, gigs are slow right now.

Anonymous said...

"Walking alone.."

.. Because everybody else disappeared.

Michael Jay said...

Looking for their next great invention or trick? No - they're looking for their next meal.

xx11xx said...

Funny thing, i read some adcopys for magic, that are from the 1900s.
And guess what, they wrote the exact same stuff in that time as adcopys do today.

Bizzaro. said...

I am sick of copy that reads "From the mind of..." Well no shit. My next product will read "From the left leg of Bizzaro."