Thursday, April 18, 2013

Altruistic as I am!

I have to direct your attention away from my humble self and towards a person who does wonderful things for the magic community. His name: "Convincing Control" obviously a clever pseudonym or a cruel joke by a mother who had a serious thing in the past with a certain magician known in Chicago.

Convincing Control has a Facebook page and I really urge you to go there.

His gimmick: He basically looks for false advertisement in magic advertisement. He is doing a favour for all of us. Kudos.

PS: Not only go there, but "like" the page as well, so new post appear in your newsfeed.


Richard S said...


Did you see the research they posted debunking Alan Rorrison? Deserves a whole separate WMF article I think. Never seen such amazing research before

MagicReviewer said...

Nice find Roland!

anon said...

Absolutely forensic research. Well done.

Magic has long been sold by mail-order but in bygone days when the catalog stated "does not use rough and smooth" you knew it was likely Svengali, or stripper, or whatever. When it said "no mirrors" but didn't mention magnets you could assume it was magnets. Sure, some absolute beginners ended up disappointed, but no actual lies were told. It was a learning process. Probably more-or-less acceptable.

But some of the stuff going on these days with videos is far different, and infinitely sneakier. The buying decision APPEARS to be made on the basis of fuller information (a video) but in fact when it's an outright lie you end up knowing less. In the past the ad would say "no switch" and if that wasn't the case you'd have a valid dispute. Nowadays the ad may not say that, but if the video indicates it you've been just as royally cheated.

Paul B. said...

This has potential....I'm going to keep a close eye on things over there.

Devious said...

I did as I was told and clicked the link Brother!
I think this is a fabulous idea and a great way to
keep them on their toes, thus performing a great service
to the consumers.....

This is kind of like what Bryce Kuhlman does as well.
Blessed Be

Anonymous said...

Good call
Thanks for the link
Glad to see you back :)

Fin said...

How sad to see all Alan's supporters on the cafe completely ignoring the evidence and acting like there's nothing going on. Crying "conspiracy theory" is pathetic when the evidence is so clear, and yet this is their only attempt at a defence.

NathanaelBergenMagic said...

I love the thread on the cafe - it just goes to show that even when presented with a topic that can lead to a discussion that can be beneficial to our art.... they manage to turn it into a circle-jerk of massive proportions.

The Magic Café - giving magic a bad name since 2001.

Anonymous said...
How do you think about this ?