Monday, July 2, 2012

Colombini to the Rescue

Mass spam private message by Steve Brooks via MC...:
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks - your magic will never be the same again!
Wow, just wow.

I just love how self workers are treated "ultimate". The sad thing, people interested in this are not the people that should be performing those. It takes an experienced worker who to truly milk a good self working card trick. It's just for the pros.

But those who won't go through the trouble of actually learning a double lift will be the ones that buy the DVD. Guess what else they not gonna learn? Showmanship.

Are you looking forwards to endless dealing and lines like "I got a lucky card"?

"Tutorials on Charlier Shuffle, Jay Ose Cut, Breather Crimp, Bobby Bernard False Cut & Riffle Shuffle (for those who want to take the tricks to the next level of deceptiveness)." (from the BBM website)

Wow, the Charlier Shuffle is the next level of deceptiveness. That means that a Zarrow Shuffle would be even more of a level. Then the Push Through Shuffle. What's then... Game Over man, Game Over!

Btw: A true selfworker has the magician not handling the cards at all. That's key!

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