Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey there, long time no see

Man it was good to not care about the magic community for a while. I feel much much better. For the last few months I have been concentrating on a lot of new projects. My theater is running well. I lost 36 kilograms, I created yet another 90 minute close up show. This time based around the magic scene of the 1900s. Very "Jules Vernesque" in style.

I have not read any magic forums, I have not seen any magic news. Listened to no podcast and basically didn't give a flying fuck about the community. I feel like my batteries are back up to 100%. Awesome!

Now back to some magic topics: I have been going through what is new in terms of magic products. So Sans Mind released the VAPR Watch. A watch that blows smoke. So I guess its a cool little gadget for those who don't mind having a HUGE block of something on their wrist.

Sans Mind had their own little crowd funding thing going on to get the initial watches funded.... or something like that. It seems like Sans Mind has been selling those watches at Blackpool but failed to send them to all of those who participated in the crowd funding campaign first. If that is true.... bad business practice.

Coming up next... A magician who deserves the award of this blog's title.

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