Sunday, May 3, 2015

Has the Shwood lost his focus?

Short answer: It seems so!

Long answer: Brian Brushwood has long been of a thorn in magic. His heart may be in the right place, but his actions are not helping to get that message across. I'm talking about his long running YouTube series Scam School. The premise of that show is to "scam" other people into buying you a drink. Naturally he covers magic on that show. And exposes it. Most of it is harmless. But once in a while he fucks up. The exposure of the Invisible Deck comes to mind.

But now he's "teaching" a retention vanish of a coin. It absolutely is exposure and NOT a scam to get a beer. In fact that little premise of the show is completely omitted this time. It would have led to a scam if a duplicate coin was loaded under the spectators drink. And the bet would be that "if I can get the coin under your drink without you and me touching the drink, I get that drink that you are having."

Then doing the NOT a vanish but a switch for a transparent plastic disc which is then dropped into the spectators drink. He looks inside, it looks like the coin is in the beer. But a little magic and everything is as it should be. That would be a scam.

It looks like Brian has lost the focus on what to do.

Brian! Get help! Get a research team! A creative team!


Krab said...

He is the reason I'm skipping TAOM in Austin this year since he is one of the headliners

Jeffrey Tackett said...

Get a copy of "How To Cheat at Everything", at least.

David said...

Brian is aided and endorsed by some big time magicians like Michael Ammar , so he (Ammar) should get some of the blame , too.

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