Thursday, July 3, 2014

So some of you have Blogs!

But for what reason? Let me direct your attention to this: BLOG RIGHT HERE! You see the headline? "Magical Charity Event Blog by Carl Royle exceeding all expectations."

To me this looks like a google friendly headline. It has the name, the theme and the result. So if I google Carl Royle what do I get? So it seems the blog functions more like an advertisement.

I may be wrong, but the thought comes up.


Michael Jay said...

Of course it functions as an advertisement - that's the point. If you look at what's being said, the important statement is this, "Case study on how we can help maximise potential of charity events." The point is to take the charity event and get as much business as is humanly possible from being a part of that event.

The blog is doing its job.

Gary Jones Magic said...

100% spot on Mike, that's part of the job as a pro magician, marketing! Blogging and social media are two fantastic ways to draw customers to your business, and it works brilliantly!