Thursday, May 23, 2013

Video Rant - The Arch Illusion


The Smiling Mule said...

I thought you weren't allowed to discuss Real Secrets tricks.

LokI Kross said...

Some of this stuff amazes me, and not in the right way. haha

anon said...

An extraordinary discovery Roland... it has a real "king's new clothes" feel to it... one can't help thinking "am I the ONLY one who can see that this is total crap?!" Or did SEO magic perhaps intend it as satire?

Or is it one of those optical illusions that has to be viewed in 1- and not 2-dimensions to properly appreciate it? Try closing both eyes.

To be honest the original arches I got in a magic kit in 1974 never fooled anyone either. They always looked like they were the same length. No matter what patterns are painted they look like 2 similarly-long bits of cardboard.

But perhaps the Magic Arch would be a good lead-in for Professor's Nightmare? "You know those optical illusions where things look different but aren't? Well these ropes also LOOK different, but aren't... In fact most people who look at these THINK they are the same length... [show plainly different length] ETC"

Anonymous said...

In this video the illusion is much stronger:
It's the way he holds them and the missing card fan design, i think.
The bananas don't work for me though.

MagicReviewer said...

Unfortunately, the Arch Illusion will always be marketed in some form or another. Have a look at Gregory Wilson's Tall Order.

Anonymous said...

The 'arch' illusion is properly refered to as the Jastrow illusion, the creation of a psychologist at the end of the 19tj century. When designed properly the size differential can be quite effective. When combined with other principles, the illusion can become impenetrable. (ex P&L)

It is often a poor choice to make the method then effect, which is what one does when presenting it as a mere
optical size disparity demonstration. The knowledge or this principle can be employed much more craftily to enhance the deceptiveness of other applications. One noted illusion designer explored painting strategies using the essence of this illusion. You would be surprised how effective it can be when the method is not put under the spotlight.

For those who have dismissed this entirely, there is a 3 "arch" version that is very deceptive, entertaining, and adds an element of proof that makes the illusion impenetrable. It also incorporates a fascinating perceptual ruse which elicits gasps (it was featured on a televised special filmed for a studio audience, not homeless people.). Also, one Amwrican magician has explored the effect and has incorporated some clever subtleties that not only enhance the 'truth' alleged in the illusion, and even can seemingly cause the arches to visibly shrink.

The point is - Roland is correct in his criticism of this marketed trick. However it might be foolish to dismiss the principle or the classic size differential effect because one has yet to explore it thoroughly.

Sometimes powerful ideas can grow from simple seeds. But that takes work, thought and cultivation - none of which is present in the seo offering.

Anonymous said...

Someone should send Roland all of Real Secrets' first year output and let him go to town on it. He'd have rant material for months on end...