Monday, October 22, 2012

Quote of the Week!

"I can't believe this board. Twice a review of a Halloween effect by a certain someone that rhymes with cranky was deleted from this board. They just don't want anyone to know it sucked. It's sad when you try to offer an honest opinion about a product to warn others about it and the powers that be on this board delete it to protect someone that pays for advertising on the board.
I've purposely left off the name of the product this time and the magicians name so hopefully this post will live a little longer.
There were no personal attacks and a simple explanation of the contents. I would have at least expected a private message or something explaining the deletion. 
I'm really disappointed in the magic Café."


So I guess the sold out BOOYAH-kits by Jay Sankey have found the wrong customers.


Michael Jay said...

When advertisers are unhappy with the content of any given broadcast, they pull their advertising. The Cafe is a money making web site and they can't afford to lose their advertising. Is anyone really surprised by this?

fb043a26-1e3e-11e2-a85c-000bcdcb2996 said...

I read that there is a service where you can pay and they will give your products good reviews. They have a bunch of people who have multiple accounts who have built reputations thru lots of posts. Pretty clever. For a few bucks you can buy a bunch of buzz.

Unknown said...

Product reviews can also be found here: