Sunday, May 17, 2020

Script Opener 04

For a long time magicians claim to use otherworldly powers to make their wonders happen. Those masters of fooling only fool themselves to believe the modern audience would believe the charade.

We all know, there are no ghosts, no monsters and no demons...

And yet, if the light is dim enough, they come crawling out. The ghosts concealed in the folds of a curtain. The monsters under the bed and the demons hiding in the shadows.

It takes a brave heart and an open mind to face these unknown creatures. And I think you got both!

For a long time magicians claim to use otherworldly powers to make their wonders happen.

Magicians like me. Allow me to show you some of those wonders.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Script Opener 03

It is an honor to be here. It will be an honor to fool you. If you let me.
Magic sadly is only as magicial as you allow it to be.
If you choose not to enjoy being fooled, you will not.
However if you choose to enjoy being fooled there is a good chance you gonna have a great night.

Its up to you to enjoy, its up to me to fool you. I worked hard to make it happen. Let me show you:

Friday, May 15, 2020

Script Opener 02

Great to be here. I realized I got the best job in the world. Its my job to lie to you. And its your job to believe me. And when both of us do a fine job. We both benefit by having a great magical adventure. Here we go with the first step. Or as we say in the business, the first trick:

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Script Opener 01

Hello there, I'm ______, and I am a magician. Which is a weird thing to say. As we all know, there is no magic. So technically speaking I should introduce myself by saying: Hello there, I'm _____ and I am an actor playing the part of a magician.

Because then everything makes sense. I lie and you choose to believe the lie for the duration of the act. Just like a movie. We choose to believe the actor is a secret spy trying to save the world.

And while I am not saying that I am a secret spy... I could be. Being a magician could be a great cover.

So let's save the world. Here is the first trick!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Before you buy!

There is no Holy Grail. Every trick has weaknesses. If you cannot tell the weakness from a trailer, stay away from it. The reasons for not seeing it is either that crucial parts have been cut or that you are not experienced enough yet to see the weakness. If you are reading this blog the first one probably applies to you. If you see the weakness, then you have to decide if it is something you can live with.

Example: Volant by Alan Rorrison

If you played around with the gimmicks involved, you know that you need that exact necklace and that it might not suit your style. And that the necklace cannot be examined. Not even parts of it. If you are confident enough to be able to deal with that and if the necklace suits your style, then by all means get the gimmicks and the handling tips by Alan.

However if you have no fucking clue how it is done then one of the two points above apply to you. Actually the second point.

And that leads to the logical outcome. If you cannot tell the method from the trailer, you should never buy it. Basically the exact opposite of what is the norm nowadays. Magicians buy the stuff they cannot figure out. You should never do that!

Because the actual method's weakness may not be manageable by you or, you are simply not experienced enough to handle it.

Here is another example: Smokin Flash Silk by G Sparks

I really don't know how this works, nor do I care. But I know that I am probably not able to do the trick justice. If even the man himself cannot do anything but a cringe worthy demonstration.

And as a general rule. Stay away from cards! You do not need more card tricks!