Monday, September 28, 2009

WMF Alexander de Cova

Deutsche Version

Sometimes a decision has to be made with a heavy heart. Alexander de Cova, an extraordinary performer, a true shining light in the German magic scene. But a lot of light casts a lot of shadow. Therefore I start with the good things. Alexander is a distinguished technician. His sleight of hand is unbelievably good. Magic looks effortless when he does it. Undoubtedly a result of talent and hard work.

He is creative, handy and interested in the effect and not the method. When ever he does magic, it looks like magic. His performing character is complex, interesting and has a philosophical touch.

So, why the hell is he not all of this in real life? How did he manage to get a doubtful reputation as an unpunctual, drunk flake? Obviously by being unpunctual, (sometimes not showing up at all) unreliable and consuming too much Alcohol.

Over the years he has become a joke in the magic scene. A tragic joke, so, one would choke on the laugh.

A few years ago he wanted to sell his "Misdirection Kit" to a few people. The project was delayed a few times and when it was done, it was incomplete. Promised early bird deductibles where not given.

So why for heaven's sake is there such a contrast between his true and his performing character? This says nothing good about his inner conflicts.

And as much as I cherish the one half of him, I contemn the other. Alexander! With a heavy heart you finally have become Weekly Magic Failure.


Jack said...

Hmmm. Perhaps the conflict is precisely what makes him such a great magician. So many great artists including Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Mozart, Schuman, had quite a tumultuous private life but when they are performing or creating art, all that's left is talent. Let it be, Roland!

Alexander said...

Don't worry, Jack - I know Roland, and I am not offended - at least Hans Klok as well has the honour, so I am in good company.
Concerning my "conflicts" - maybe Roland is now to deep into mentalism and thinks he knows about my inner secrest, who knows.
Spreading rumours on the internet these days is easy, I stopped being embarassed by these things years ago.
Let Roland do his blogging, it's fine and fun.